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How To Make Salted Caramel In 6 Easy Steps

Caramel is a flavor which liked by many and disliked by some. Caramel has its own peculiar taste and you definitely need to develop a taste to like it. There are various different kinds of chocolates, custards, and puddings etc. which are available in the market which are only available in caramel flavor. Many people are completely crazy over the flavor and would have it with anything which is available or anything with which you may combine it. Many people think that to make a salted caramel is a pretty tough job which cannot be done at home. The truth is that you can easily make salted caramel at home. All you need to know is how to go about it and the procedure for making the same. You can make salted caramel by following just a few steps.

The Steps Which You Need To Follow And The Ingredients Have Been Mentioned Below


Preparation Time: 10 to 15 minutes
Cooking Time: 5 to 8 minutes
Servings: The yield will be around three fourth of a cup to one cup


The ingredients for salted caramel is:

A cup of sugar
one fourth cup of water
one tea spoon of salt
three and a half spoons of butter (which in not salted)
three fourth cup of cream

These are a few ingredients which you will require to make salted caramel.

Preparation Method:

Step One

You will need a vessel to cook the salted caramel. For this you need to use a sauce pan or any other steel utensil which can be placed on a stove. Make sure that the heat is on the medium level. The stove heat shall not be too high or low. To the vessel you need to add sugar and to it some water. Cook the mixture till the sugar has dissolved completely. Make sure you keep stirring the mixture.

Step Two

Once the sugar has dissolved, you will increase the temperature of the stove and let the sugar water boil. Make sure you are not stirring the mix now. You will have to boil this for about four to six minutes. You will see that there will soon be a syrup kind formation which is deep brown in colour.

Step Three

Once you see that the syrup has been formed, you will realize that some sugar is sticking to the pan. You may have to use a spoon to remove the same. Now you will have to carefully whisk the cream to the sugar. You will see that bubbles start rising as soon as the two are mixed.

Step Four

Once the cream has been added, you will add unsalted butter and the salt, which have not been used to the mixture. You will have to stir the entire mixture properly. You will have to make sure that the mix has been mixed and stirred well.

Step Five

Once the mixture has been mixed and stirred, you will have to leave it aside to cool down well. Let the mixture cool down completely. Then, you will have to transfer the sauce to a container and store it well. Once the mixture has cooled down you can refrigerate it.

Step Six

Once the sauce is prepared you can use it with various things or serve it along with various dishes. The sauce can be used to prepare desserts, puddings, served with ice cream, chocolates, milkshakes etc.

These are a few steps which will help you in preparing and enjoying delicious salted caramel.