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How To Make Your Face Look Thin With Make Up


Some facial features are simply magical and can look extremely breathtaking! The beautiful sharp jaw line, the crisp and pointed slim nose, the stunning high cheekbones, the beautiful sharp temples and glorious chin can make anyone go crazy! These are the most beautiful and mesmerizing facial features every girl wants! However, the girls with chubby cheeks and more weight are generally not blessed with all these features! If you are missing some or any of these features and want it desperately, using some awesome makeup products and tips, you can get slim and sharp face in minutes! Try this exceptional and perfectly gorgeous makeup tips to make your face look slim and sleek and get flawless result soon!

1. Use The Bronzer For Perfect Contouring And Highlighting

We here are going to create the illusion of a smaller and chiselled face. For this, we need to use the perfecting technique of contouring and highlighting; you need some amazing bronzers which can make our face look beautifully toned. Choose the concealers and bronzers which can sculpt your face and make it look adorable! Thus, go for a dark toning bronzer for slimmer look!

2. Highlight The Nose Bridge For Slim Nose Look

We all love the beautiful and stunning thin long nose. The perfectly pointed nose can be easily achieved with this technique. First of all, get a concealer and hide all the patchiness on your skin. Now, on the sides of your nose promote contouring and use the highlighter on the nose bridge. This will simply make your nose look slimmer and sharper!

3. Redefine Your Jaw Line

Jaw line is one of the most attractive and awesome featured of the face. The sharp and chiselled jaw line can make any women look admirable. If you are looking for a sharp jaw line look, here is a way to fight the chubbiness and make your face look perfectly slim. Highlight your jaw line with the fine dark foundation, if you are going for a party; sue the bronzer to highlight the jaw line! This is one of the best ways to make it look slim and sharp.

Redefine Your Jaw Line

4. Highlight The Cheekbones For Slim And Chiselled Cheek Look

Cheekbones are just adorable and when the cheekbones look tight, dark and perfectly highlighted, nothing can steal the charm of your look! Highlight your cheekbones with the highlighter and then use some awesome blusher shades! This will create such a dazzling and sharp look which you won’t be able to ignore!

5. Get Your Eyebrows Perfectly Done

Eyebrows play a very important role in framing our face. If you want to make your face look slimmer and awesome, choose the eyebrow shade for your face and keep it neat! The perfectly toned and suitable eyebrow will frame your face and will make it look completely slim!

Get Your Eyebrows Perfectly Done

6. Make Your Lips Look Fuller With Blending

We have witnessed a lot of products which can make the lips look bigger and fuller. You can us this amazing trick to highlight your lips and make your face look slim. Turn all the eyes on your fuller lips by using the highlighting trick on your lips too! Shade he ends with dark lip colour and highlights the centre of your lips with a shiny eye shadow!

Make Your Lips Look Fuller With Blending

7. Highlight The Temples

For making the face look slim, you need to make the face look tall ad sharp, for this, highlight you temples and this will give you a classy slim face look! Highlighting your temples will make them buzz out and will emboss the bones making your face look super slim!

Highlight The Temples