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How To Promote Hair Growth With Easy Home Remedies

All of the women want the pretty, long and healthy hairs. But sometimes, this becomes tough for you to get the healthy hair. There can be many reasons behind the damaged hair of the women. Damaged hair become weak and tend to increase the rate of hair fall. This becomes really a problem for the women because the hairs are most precious to them. But need not worry as you can retain the good and healthy hair by following some easy remedies at your home. You will just require taking the home based ingredients which are really effective on your hair.

Here Are Some Of The Useful Home Remedies For The Better Hair Growth In Women:

1. Indian Gooseberry:

Indian gooseberries are very much known for their amazing benefits to the hair. They are really very nutritious and help you to promote the better hair growth naturally. You can take some fresh Indian gooseberries and boil some water. Put the berries into it. Let it boil for few more minutes and then allow it to cool. Now you can use this water to wash your hairs. This will really benefit your hairs and you will start noticing the difference after some time [1].

Indian Gooseberry

2. Olive Oil:

The next very useful home remedy for the better hair growth in women is the olive oil. Well, it is very essential for your hairs and also helps you to get the healthy and strong hair naturally. Its regular usage will help you to maintain the growth of hairs. So you can take some olive oil and massage it to your scalp. You should massage it gently with your finger tips. This will help you to promote the better blood circulation in your scalp which will help you to rejuvenate your hair health. Massaging the hair twice to thrice a week is really important [2].

Olive Oil

3. Fenugreek:

Fenugreek can also do wonders to your damaged hair. It can help you to get the stronger and shinier hair naturally. It can help you to provide the strength to your hair which will reduce the hair fall. It is very rich in essential nutrients for your hair growth. You can take some fenugreek seeds soaked overnight in water. Make a paste of them and mix some yogurt into it. Apply thoroughly to your hairs [3].


4. Onion:

The next amazing home remedy for the better hair growth is the usage of onion. This is very lesser known to people that onion very useful to get the hair growth. It contains the adequate nutrition which can help you to re-grow your hair naturally. Isn’t it really amazing? This is really true because onion can promote the hair growth and provide the strength to your hairs. You can take some onion juice and massage it on your scalp [4].


5. Henna:

Henna is also very useful home remedy for the better hair growth. It is known for years and years for this really amazing feature of it. It contains the natural properties which help in the growth and development of your hairs naturally. It can also be regarded as a great natural conditioner for your hairs. You can make some henna paste and apply it to your hairs [5].


6. Hibiscus:

If you are facing the problems related to your hair then, the usage of hibiscus can provide you with the great help in this situation. This is so because hibiscus is really effective on the scalp and it helps in the better growth of your hair naturally. You can boil some water and put the hibiscus petals into it. You can use this to wash your hairs [6].


7. Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is also a good home remedy for the better hair growth in women. It is very essential in providing the adequate nutrition to your hair and scalp. It can help you to get the frizz free hairs naturally. You can take some fresh aloe vera gel and massage your scalp with it. It will be really beneficial for you and you will start observing the results soon [7].

Aloe Vera

8. Coriander:

Coriander is again a good home remedy for the better hair growth. It really works on the damaged hair and promotes their growth naturally. For this you can make a paste of coriander leaves and apply it on your hairs. It will make your hairs healthy and stronger [8].


9. Yogurt:

Yogurt is also a very effective home remedy for the better hair growth. It is a great source of essential vitamins and minerals for your hairs. You can easily make a hair pack of yogurt for this purpose. Take some yogurt and put a few drops of honey and lemon into. Mix it well and apply thoroughly on your hairs [9].