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How To Reduce Fluid Retention


How To Reduce Fluid Retention

Fluid retention is a phenomenon where the muscles and tissues collect water and fluids and also results in swelling in the specific areas. This happened due to numerous reasons like working and sitting in the same position for numerous hours, unhealthy and improper diet habits, standing for too long etc can be the reasons of fluid retention in your body. Also the hormonal changes, the consumption of medicines for curing different issues can be the result of water and fluid retention in your body. Generally this takes place in the legs, arms, face and many more places. However there are numerous ways to fight and battle the water retention in several parts of your body. These are the remedies which would surely get you rid of the water retention issue without any side effect!

Below Are The Ways To Reduce Fluid Retention:

1. Leg Raises

Sometimes when the blood gets clotted or the fluid retention takes place in the legs, moving the legs and performing the leg raises can work wonders! Keeping the legs moving would restrict the blood to get steady in your legs and cause fluid retention. You must perform the exercises and workouts which can loosen up and make the jammed blood flow in your body. This is a simple and highly effective treatment which can work on fluid retention!

Leg Raises

2. Wear Compression Stockings

Generally the fluid retention in the legs is caused by sitting or standing in the same position for prolonged hours.[1] This could get your blood circulation slow down creating the issue of fluid retention over your legs. For improving and enhancing the blood circulation, wear compression stockings if you have and witness the same issue every day. This would boost the blood circulation and get you rid f the fluid retention.

Wear compression stockings

3. Reduce The Salt Content From Your Food

Salt is highly efficient of storing and managing the fluid levels in your body. Sodium in the salt balances the supply of water in the body and thus plays a key role in retaining fluids. Reduce your intake f salt if you are suffering from fluid retention and slowly this issue would be solved. Lesser salt would make the storage of excessive fluids in your body reduces soon!

Reduce the salt content from your food

4. Keep Moving At Regular Intervals

It is observed that’s sticking to a single place during the entire day would get some water and fluids retained in your legs due to gravity. To fight this issue, you need to keep moving while working to battle the clotting or retention of fluid in your legs and to improve the blood circulation. Moving would get your organs keep working properly and the blood circulation working as desires in your body.

Keep moving at regular intervals

5. Drink Lots Of Water

This is one of the surprising and amazing remedy which would help you in reducing water retention in your body. Doctors suggest that drinking more water would boost your blood circulation and would thus reduce fluid retention. Drinking more water would flush out all the excess water as well the bacteria which would get you a clean and balanced body!

Drink lots of water

6. Go For The Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom salt is considered as one of the most effective and highly impactful remedy for fluid retention. If you suffer from this problem often, go for a luke warm bath of Epsom salt water and flush out all the excess water in your body. This bath would simply deep cleanse your body and remove all the fluids and water in your body which gets retained and stuck up.

Go for the Epsom salt bath

7. Lemon Juice Remedy

Lemon juice is amazing for fluid retention as it flushes out the excess water along with the bacteria and unnecessary elements. Also the toxins are flushed out of your body with this amazing ingredient. Mix some lemon juice and honey in luke warm water and drink it twice a day. This mixture would start working as soon as you consume it and would get you rd of all the toxins and water in no time!

Lemon juice remedy

8. Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is studded with some amazing benefits when it comes to fluid retention. The elements and minerals in cranberry juice are capable enough of flushing out all the toxic substances and excess water in your body and getting you rid of fluid retention!

Cranberry juice

The dandelion leaves is also one of the herbal and natural remedy for curing fluid retention. This amazing herb works wonders while reducing the excess water in your body. By consuming the dandelion leaves, you would feel more the need of peeing. This way, the dandelion leaves would flush out high amount of excess water off your body through this simple technique. Try this amazing remedy and get rid of the fluid retention in your body soon!