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How To Reduce The Herpes Using Holy Basil Remedy

Herpes is a kind of allergy that occurs on the areas around your lips. It is basically a kind of viral infection. In this problem, the blisters and sores start appearing on your skin surface. They can usually be filled of the pus in them. This problem can lead to itching and skin irritation. It can also become painful for you. You should touch or try to pinch it with your nails as it can become more spreading on your skin. There is a great natural treatment for this problem. It is the usage of the basil. It is basically regarded as the holy plant in India. It is very well known for its amazingly effective medicinal properties, throughout the world. It contains the natural skin cleansing properties and anti-bacterial properties for you. You can use this as a good remedy for the herpes.

So Here Is Mentioned How To Reduce The Herpes Using The Holy Basil

1. Consume Holy Basil Tea:

You can get the adequate benefits of the holy basil tea by consuming it for the healing of herpes. It can help you to boost the immunity features in your body which slows down the formation of such allergic problems in your body. It will also help you to eliminate the blisters caused by the herpes [1].

Consume Holy Basil Tea

How To Prepare:

You can very easily prepare this amazing holy basil tea for reducing the effects of herpes on your skin. You can take a bunch of fresh holy basil leaves. Boil some water on the flame and put the basil leaves into it. Let it to boil some more and leave it covered for some time. Now you can drink this tea to get the beneficial relief features soon.

2. Apply Holy Basil Paste:

This is very useful method of using the holy basil for reducing the effects of the herpes in your skin. It is basically the method of direct application of this holy basil on your skin. It can be applied on the affected areas to get the relief soon. It will help you to cleanse your skin and prevent this allergy [2].

Apply Holy Basil Paste

How To Prepare:

It is very easy to prepare the holy basil paste for your skin. You can take a bunch of them and grind them to make a fine paste. Now you have to apply it on the affected skin and leave for some time.

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