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How To Use Broken Glass For Nine Interesting Crafts

Broken glasses are not a rare sight. It is a common thing and found quite often. Broken glasses are often picked up, gathered and thrown away or kept aside. Interestingly, broken It is a great way to show your creativity without investing a lot of money or your time to it. One thing you need to keep in mind while working with broken pieces of glasses is being very careful. Avoid using and working with plain hands. Use a glove or cover your hand.

Some Of The Creative Things You Can Make Using Broken Glass Have Been Mentioned Below.

1. Plant Markers

Plant markers are an integral part in making the garden look great. The broken pieces of glasses can be used to mark plants and trees in the garden. The marker can also be decorated and made interesting to enhance the look of the plant markers.

Plant Markers

2. Collage

Broken glass pieces can be used to create interesting collage. The broken glass pieces can be painted can arranged nicely. An interesting and colourful collage using glasses can be made. The collage can be placed as a decorative piece in the house. It can also be gifted to various persons.


3. Bracelets Or Bangles

Bracelets and bangles are important accessories for any girl or a woman. They can use broken glasses in interesting ways to make bangles and bracelets. Broken glasses of the same colour or different colours can be used to make the accessories.

Bracelets Or Bangles

4. Photo Frames

Photo frames are very important and integral parts for our houses. It is always very nice to be able to have a different photo frame. Broken glass pieces can be used to create an interesting and eye catching frame. This is an interesting craft.

Photo Frames

5. Clock

Clocks are a must have. They are the basics which are always needed. Clocks of various sizes and different shapes can be made. Small clocks can be made or big ones too. You can also colour the glass of your clock and make it look an interesting and eye catching piece.


6. Mirror

Often broken glasses are thrown. We do not think of reusing it again as what is was being used as previously. A broken glass can be used as a mirror. The sides or the corners of the glass can be enhanced and the sharp edges can be covered up. This would be an interesting concept and reusing and utilising things well.


7. Vases

Vases are an eye catching piece if they are unique. Most of us desire to have one such vase in our house. If you have a broken glass bottle at home you can use it interestingly and convert it to a vase. The best part is that no one has a clue about its previous existence. The broken bottle can be modified to look a more enhancing piece.


8. Mosaic Crafts

Mosaic crafts are interesting and colourful pieces of crafts. Interesting mosaic crafts can be used to create a beautiful piece using broken glasses. You can place them in various places and they sure won’t disappoint you.

Mosaic crafts

9. Accessories

There are a lot of accessories which are needed daily by us. You can create a number of such accessories using broken glasses. Neck pieces, pendants and key chains can be made using broken glasses. You can use various coloured broken glasses and make it look great. These are a few crafts which you can make using broken glasses. They are not only beautiful pieces but they also help in reusing and recycling things.