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How To Use Dryer Sheets In 10 Surprising Ways

Dryer sheets are normally used in the laundry. We mostly stick to using them in the laundry and laundry related things. Not many of us know about the various different uses of these multi-purpose sheets. In fact you can re use these sheets which have already been used for various different reasons and purposes. There are a lot of surprising ways to use the dryer sheets.

Some Of The Surprising Ways To Use These Sheets At Home Have Been Mentioned Below.

1. For Cleaning Toilets

Dryer sheets can be used for cleaning toilets. The sheets help in scrubbing off and removing bathroom rings which form over time and are pretty difficult to remove. You can rub off the strong and stubborn stains in the bathroom by using these sheets.

For Cleaning Toilets
2. For Cleaning Glass

The dryer sheets are great products for cleaning glass and various glass products. They help in removing various marks and stains from glasses and windows. You can rub them on glasses to clean them and remove marks.

For Cleaning Glass
3. For Dusting And Cleaning

Dryer sheets can be used as dusters. They can be used to dust off dirt and dust from various things. They can be used as dusters for cleaning fans, lights, ceilings etc. So, next time you shall definitely try to use dryer sheet as duster.

For Dusting And Cleaning
4. For Keeping Cars Fresh

Dryer sheets can be used to keep cars fresh. You can keep them in a box inside the car. This will help the car in smelling and staying fresh. So, just gather a few of these sheets and keep them in an open box in your car so see the results.

For Keeping Cars Fresh
5. For Keeping Clothes Fresh

We often have various issues regarding the freshness of our clothes. We often complain about the bad odour and smell from the clothes. You can easily get rid of this by rubbing dryer sheets on the clothes. This will definitely help in keeping your clothes fresh.

For Keeping Clothes Fresh
6. For Removal Of Nail Glitter

The latest fashion about colouring your nails is by adding a little bit of glitter to your nails. The nail paint can easily be removed using the nail polish remover but the glitter does not leave the nails all that easily. One of the best ways to get rid of glitter from nails is by using the dryer sheets. You will not have to scrub the glitter much and it will come off your nails.

For Removal Of Nail Glitter
7. For Diaper Bags

If you have a baby at home, you will know how much a diaper bag smells. It has a pretty bad odour and it most definitely affects the room in which it is kept along with the rooms around it. From next time just add a couple of dryer sheets to the diaper bag and you will realize the change in smell.

For Diaper Bags
8. For Fresh Smell From Books

Dryer sheets help in keeping books fresh as well. Books often start developing a particular kind of smell if they are not opened for too long or they have become old. Dryer sheets will prevent this and will help in keeping the books fresh.

For Fresh Smell From Books
9. For Pet Hair Removal

Dryer sheets can be used to remove minute pet hair from your bed, sofa and rugs. This is a great way to remove the hair of your pets from various places in your house.

For Pet Hair Removal
10. For Cleaning Iron

Many of us have problems in cleaning our iron. You can clean the bottom of your iron with the help of iron. These are a few surprising uses of dryer sheets. One should definitely try these interesting and surprising uses which can be applied at home.

For Cleaning Iron