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How To Use Epsom Salt For Leg Pain

Leg pain is a common health problem that affects many people. When there is a strain on the leg muscles, it leads to mild or severe pain in the legs. Epsom salt is useful for dealing with this problem. It is a natural remedy for body pain. We will explain the uses of Epsom salt to reduce leg pain.[1]

Following Are Some Tips On How To Use Epsom Salt For Leg Pain:

1. Take Epsom Salt Bath

The best way to use Epsom salt is to take a bath with it. Fill a tub with warm water. Avoid using very hot water. Mix one cup Epsom salt with the water. Soak your body in this bathwater especially keep the legs dipped in water. Remain in this position for minimum twelve minutes. After that, you can come out and dry the body.

Take Epsom Salt Bath

2. Use Epsom Salt Compress

If there is pain and soreness in the leg muscles, use Epsom salt in the form of a compress. For this, mix the Epsom salt in warm water and dissolve it well. Dip a towel or washcloth in the water. Apply on the painful areas of the leg like a compress.

Use Epsom Salt Compress

3. Apply Epsom Salt Paste

Use Epsom salt to deal with sore muscles that pain. For this, you need to take Epsom salt crystals and crush it. Mix it with hot water. Dissolve it well so that you get a paste. Keep aside till the paste becomes cold. Keep the paste in a refrigerator. Take it out after twenty minutes. Wash the feet with water and dry the skin. Apply the Epsom salt paste on the legs.

Apply Epsom Salt Paste

4. Use Epsom Salt With Essential Oils

Using essential oils along with Epsom salt helps in giving relief in leg pain. For this, mix Epsom salt and lavender oil in warm bathwater filled in a tub. Take a bath with this water and soak the body in the tub for minimum fifteen minutes. Take a shower bath after that to clean the skin. You can also use rose and chamomile oil for this remedy.

Use Epsom Salt With Essential Oils

5. Use Epsom Salt For Feet Soak

Soaking the feet in Epsom salt helps in healing the pain in legs. Fill hot water in a bucket. To this, add about half cup crystals of Epsom salt. Mix well so that the crystals are dissolved properly. Dip the feet in this water for minimum ten minutes. It will be beneficial to do the remedy twice a week.

Use Epsom Salt For Feet Soak