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How To Use Onion Juice For Hair Growth


Several women wish to have gorgeous tresses that are long and strong. However, obtaining the locks of your dreams is not at all easy, especially nowadays when there are so many negative factors that can influence the growth of the hair. Well, if you are among the people who dream of long hair, then you should try to make certain natural ingredients a part of your hair care regimen. Few all-natural elements have been around since ages, thanks to their effectiveness they are gaining a great deal of popularity in the modern world as well.

The component that we are talking about in today’s post is onion juice. The freshly extracted juice of an onion is known to help your mane get longer. If you are wondering about the most effective ways in which you can utilize the goodness of onion juice, then today’s post should be helpful for you. Increase the effectiveness of onion juice by submerging it with other hair-loving components. Read on to learn more.

Take A Look At The How To Use Onion Juice For Hair Growth:

1. With Indian Gooseberry Oil

The very first process requires you to use onion juice in combination with Indian gooseberry oil, an oil that is also considered to be super effective for hair growth. Submerge a teaspoon of onion juice with two teaspoons of Indian gooseberry oil and put the resulting blend on your scalp. Shampoo your head after keeping it for 40-45 minutes.

With Indian Gooseberry Oil

2. With Coconut Oil

Help your tresses become beautifully long by using onion juice with coconut oil. You need to mix a teaspoon of fresh onion juice with two teaspoons of coconut oil and slather the combo onto your scalp area. Wash with shampoo after half an hour. In order to attain optimal results, try using this hair-loving duo on a weekly basis.

With Coconut Oil

3. With Aloe Vera Gel

Submerging with aloe vera gel is one more excellent way of using onion juice for boosting growth of your tresses. Just get a homemade mix ready by uniting a teaspoon of onion juice with a tablespoon of aloe vera gel. Cover your head with this easy-to-make blend and post letting it settle for half an hour, you can wash with a shampoo.

With Aloe Vera Gel

4. With Honey

Combining with honey is one more growth-boosting way in which this fabulous all-natural element can be used. Simply submerge a tablespoon of honey with a teaspoon of onion juice. Spread the prepared material on your head and allow it to stay there for the next hour before cleaning with your regular shampoo. Apply it once in a month for helping your mane grow long and strong.

With Honey

5. With Apple Cider Vinegar

Blending onion juice with apple cider vinegar is another incredible way of using this ingredient for helping your mane become long and pretty. Simply submerge a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with two tablespoons of onion juice and cover your head with the result. For an hour, let the blend dry before using shampoo to wash away the material from your head.

With Apple Cider Vinegar

6. With Olive Oil

Using in combination with olive oil is another brilliant method of utilizing onion juice for helping your locks grow long. Get a growth-boosting blend ready by uniting a teaspoon of onion juice with a tablespoon of olive oil. Put the mix on your head and after a while cleanse with your most-liked shampoo.

With Olive Oil

7. With Potato Juice

Another worry-free way of using onion juice for this specific beauty purpose is by blending it with the equally potent potato juice. Put a teaspoon of onion juice in a bowl and add a tablespoon of potato juice to it. Use this extraordinary solution to rinse your tresses with. Repeat the application of this duo once in two weeks for attaining flaunt-worthy long tresses.

With Potato Juice

8. With Lime Juice

Similar to the other aforementioned procedures, this too can have positive impact on your hair’s growth. As per the requirement, you just need to merge two teaspoons of fresh lime juice with a teaspoon of extracted onion juice. Once the solution is ready, you can put it all over your head. Monthly usage of this remarkable duo can prove to be beneficial.

With Lime Juice

9. With Egg White

Egg white is another favorite element that can be utilized for hair growth reasons. Separate the yolk from the egg white and mix the latter with one tablespoon of onion juice. This duo should be applied all over the scalp and permitted to stay for an hour before being washed away with mild shampoo.

With Egg White

10. With Yogurt

Lastly, submerging with yogurt is another brilliant way of using onion juice for getting long and strong mane. All you need to do is unite a teaspoon of onion juice and a tablespoon of yogurt. The resulting mix should be spread all over the head and allowed to dry for an hour prior to being washed by shampoo and lukewarm water.

With Yogurt