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Seven Best Laptop Brands In 2016

Technology has come a long way and there have been innumerable new additions and advances in the world of technology. These days most of us can’t even think of not moving without our phones and laptops. They play an integral and a very vital role in our lives. These have become our necessity today. Most of us possess laptops these days and they are very important to us. There are quite a few brands of laptops which are known for various reasons. It is very important to know the brand you want to invest in for a laptop. There are a number of amazing brands which have their own specialities. Some of the best brands for laptops for 2016 have been mentioned and discussed below.

Here Are Seven Best Laptop Brands In 2016

1. Apple

Apple is one of the best known brands today in the world of technology. It is often said that once you have used an apple laptop you will not like any other laptop. The laptop has the latest and advanced features which are updated on a timely basis. Most importantly the laptop has the best motherboard available. It is the best laptop choice that you can make. It is one of the most expensive brands but you will definitely not regret spending on it.


2. Dell

The Dell laptops are one of my favourite laptops. These are one of the most user friendly laptops. The brand is also known to be one of the best brands for laptops. The laptop has a good speed and functions smoothly. The quality of the motherboard is also good so you generally do not have any problems while working on a Dell laptop.


3. Asus

Asus is one of the most emerging brands in the world of technology and laptops. It uses high quality components for its laptops and this makes it a good functioning laptop. The laptop also has good RAM and motherboard which help in the laptop to function smoothly. It is one of the best brands to invest in for a laptop.


4. Lenovo

Lenovo is a well- known brand which is commonly used by the corporate world. It is one of the best laptops for the working persons. The laptop are built will a good RAM which makes the working of the laptop smooth. It is a nice to use and user friendly laptop. The Lenovo laptops are one of the best laptops for business use.


5. H P

H P is a renowned brand in the world of technology. It has some amazing laptops with the latest and updated software. The laptops are good to use and nice to look.


6. Acer

Many of us want laptops which are in the budget and not very expensive. Acer is a leading brand for laptops which are inexpensive and good to use. The laptops have the advanced features and settings with a great battery life. If you are looking for a laptop which is good to function within your budget then this is the best laptop choice.


7. Sony Vaio


The Sony Vaio laptops are known for a very different and interesting look for the laptops. The brand gives its laptops a very funky and interesting look by using some amazing colours. It is one of the moat preferred laptops by women. The laptop is good to use and function. The laptop has a good speed and operating system as well. It is a laptop with an interesting look and good functioning.


These are a few best brands for laptops in 2016.