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Top 10 Easy To Do Remedies For Dry Eyes

Our eyes are the windows to this world. Many poets and painters have painted their words and canvasses as the eyes being the most expressive and impressive part of a person. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder is a metaphor that even to this day holds good. We believe what we see. We truly need to take care of this view to our world. Medical science describes them as lenses to the world. So delicate are they that they have been provided with natural covers- the eyelids- to protect the lenses by the “wink of the eye”!! There are certain times when we feel tired in the eyes, feel them to be hard and very itchy, accompanied by severe redness.

We continue to see everything around us yet we wonder why we feel this discomfort. Pollution, long hours of work, strained lighting, disturbed sleep, long hours of wearing contact lenses, menopause in women and ageing are some of the causes leading Dry Eye Syndrome. The common symptoms of dry eyes are eye redness, sensitivity to light, difficulty to hold the contact lens in the eyes, itchiness, watery eyes due to irritation. This may be taken care of by yourselves being sensitive to the environment we are in and a lot of personal care which we need to adopt as part of our daily regime.

1. Stay Hydrated

Tears are very important for the eyes. They lubricate the eyes and thus make them moist and soft. In dry eye syndrome, the lack of tears makes the eyes irritant and itchy. They can be very painful too. Medical experts advise that one easy and conscious method of maintaining, moist and soft eyes would be to keep them hydrated by drinking fresh and plenty of water- about 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.

Stay Hydrated

2. Frequent Blinking

Forty winks of beauty sleep are highly advisable for dry eyes. This does not mean that we catch sleep every now and then. Here 40 winks indeed, is to blink as much and often. If you have forgotten to blink, start with minimum 40 winks a second and slowly increase the forty winks. When using the computer especially do not forget to blink as you continue to do your work. Adjust the brightness of your monitor screens and the monitor screens below eye level. Try to work on your computers and smart phones to a limited extent and not stay hooked!

Frequent Blinking

3. Your Eyes Too Need Fresh Air And Sunshine

Yes! our eyes too breathe and take in a lot of oxygen, hence dry eyes tend to increase with much exposure to bright lights and LED display screens. Do not forget to take a break from your work and go out for a walk taking in fresh air. While doing so, open your eyes as wide as possible and walk bare feet on fresh grass. This will help your eyes to breathe in oxygen and reduce the infection and mucus formation. Gradually your eyes will become normal and will be less sensitive to bright lights.

Your Eyes Too Need Fresh Air And Sunshine

4. Eat Right

Apart from water intake, one needs to consciously include fresh green veggies like spinach, raw red peppers, sunflower seeds, salmon, sweet potatoes, carrots, and nuts. Take in foods that are rich in Omega -3 and Omega-6. Recommended oils such as fish oil, canola and soy oil are very favorable. Such foods support the oil secreting glands in your eyes and the lubricating effect tends to be restored.

Eat Right

5. Use Of Castor Oil Eye Drops

Castor oil helps to retain moisture thus reducing tear evaporation. Use a drop of organic and hexane free castor oil eye drop in your eyes. You may use this once in a day.

Use Of Castor Oil Eye Drops

6. Cutting Onions

Cutting onions are an easy and powerful home remedy for tears production. Remove your spectacles if you wear spectacles and then cut onions.

Cutting Onions

7. Keep Your Eyes Cool

Close your eyes and keep sliced chill cucumbers to reduce irritation and burning sensation. Cucumbers release a lot of water and are conveniently firm to place on the eyelids.

Keep Your Eyes Cool

8. Warm Water Compress

Tears comprise of oil, mucus and water. Hence, the eyes have to be maintained very clean and one needs to be aware of the environment around. A warm water compress is the easiest way of ensuring the tasks of cleaning and relaxing the eyes. A warm water compress along the eyelids will help to release the clogged oils and encourage the formation of tears. Wet the cloth with warm water after a short while of using it.

Warm Water Compress

9. Alternate Warm Compress

Certain times you may not be able to use the warm water compress. At such times, an easy and effective way is to rub your palms together and cup your eyes with them. The gentle warmth from the palms will encourage blood circulation around the eyes and give relief to the tired muscles and nerves around the eyes.

10. Wraparound Sunglasses

When out in an environment of gusty winds and heat, choose a good pair of wraparound sunglasses to maintain eye health and reduce burning sensation and dust from getting into your eyes.