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Top 10 Yoga Poses For Strong Upper Back

Spending countless hours in front of the computer can take a serious toll on the state of an individual’s upper back muscles. Because of modern day unhealthy lifestyle habits, there is an alarming increase in the number of people with weak upper back area. This could lead to bad posture and stiffness in the upper back area. However, inclusion of a few yoga poses in your daily routine can help you not only strengthen your upper back area but also enhance the flexibility of the muscles in that area. These postures have gained popularity all across the globe and plenty of people have started trying them out. If you are a beginner, then you should maintain caution while performing these postures. Also, take deep breaths while in any pose to enhance the impact of that particular yoga pose. Read on to know more about these upper back strengthening yoga poses here.

Mentioned Here Are The Top 10 Yoga Poses For Strong Upper Back:

1. Eagle Pose

One yoga posture that specifically targets the upper back area is the eagle pose. This super beneficial pose targets the muscles in the upper back area. Apart from significantly improving the condition of the upper back, performing this pose can also help an individual improve their posture and mobility. Everyday, try getting in this particular posture and stay there for 6-7 deep breaths. Daily repetition can lead to great results.

Eagle Pose

2. Cobra Pose

Another super amazing yoga pose that can do wonders to your upper back area is the cobra pose. Inclusion of this remarkable yoga posture in your everyday life can not only help you strengthen your upper back portion but also result in well-sculpted upper back. Once or twice a day, try performing this specific pose for good 45 seconds or 9-10 breaths in order to get strong and sculpted upper back.

3. Bridge Pose

Like the other stated poses, the bridge pose is also known to target the upper back muscles along with other muscles. This particular pose comes with a host of benefits that can work their magic on the back muscles in the upper body area. Properly perform this yoga pose on a daily basis for at least 45 seconds to help your upper back area become strong and more balanced.

Bridge Pose

4. Camel Pose

Camel pose is another amazing yoga pose that can help straighten and strengthen your upper back area. As a beginner, you may find performing this posture a bit difficult. However, with time you will be able to stay in this pose for good 45-50 seconds. While in this pose, it is important to take deep breaths. Just once a day, get in this yoga posture to help your upper back become strong.

Camel Pose

5. Bow Pose

One more amazing yoga pose worth trying for strengthening the upper back muscles is the bow pose. This pose may seem a bit difficult to perform, but dedicating time and effort should help you master this specific yoga pose. Stay in this specific yoga pose for 8-10 deep breaths. Once or twice a day, get in this yoga pose for best results.

Bow Pose

6. Cat And Cow Pose

The combination of cat and cow pose is often used for relieving stiffness from the upper back muscles. However, vigilant repetition of this particular yoga pose can help you strengthen the muscles in the upper back area and also improve their flexibility. The best thing about this yoga pose is that you can easily perform it any time of the day.

Cat And Cow Pose

7. Upward Plank Pose

Upward plank pose is one posture that specifically targets the upper back muscles and can prove to be highly beneficial if done on a regular basis. Instead of performing the plank in your usual manner, you just need to do in a reverse manner with your front body facing the roof.

Upward Plank Pose

8. Fish Pose

This list would be incomplete without the inclusion of fish pose. Supremely effective in sculpting the upper back muscles, this particular yoga pose can do wonders in improving the overall condition of your upper back portion. Executing this yoga pose on a regular basis should yield incredible results for your upper back portion.

Fish Pose

9. Cow Face Pose

Performing this remarkably effective yoga pose is also cited to be beneficial in improving the state of the upper back area. In the beginning, try staying in this particular pose for 30-35 seconds. Then, after a few weeks you should try to stay in this posture for 60 seconds to reap maximum benefits.

Cow Face Pose

10. Elbow Plank Pose

Elbow plank pose is quite different from the typical plank pose. The only difference is that instead of your palms, you entire elbow area stays on the yoga mat, while the rest of your body is in the plank pose. Try staying in this particular yoga pose for 60 seconds for getting desired results. Also, in order to help your upper back get strong, you should consider doing this yoga pose on a daily basis.

Elbow Plank Pose