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Top 9 Natural Ways To Improve Your Eyesight

Weight watching and calorie counting are good to maintain fitness but, but we should spare some thought to improve our eyesight as well because impaired vision will snatch all the good things of life. Glaring at the computer or laptop screens for long hours, surfing mobile screens and other gadgets lead to eye fatigue, which we are not aware of to that extent. Moreover, aging also has an impact on our vision just it has on other organs.

You may have often experienced difficulty in opening your eyes in the morning, dryness in eyes, inability to focus for a long time or eye floaters moving around your eyes which you sought to ignore. But don’t you feel the need to take care of your vision before serious problems crop up or things go beyond control? Therefore, the time is high to pay extra attention to maintain a healthy vision all throughout the life. The steps are very simple. The only thing you need is to follow them regularly. Here we go with a few of them:

1. Give Warmth To Your Eyes

Sit straight with your eyes closed. Take deep breaths and be relaxed. Rub your palms till they get warm and place them on your closed eyes. The warmth from your palms gets transferred to your eyes and relaxes the surrounding eye muscles. Remain in this position till the palms get back to the normal temperature. Lower your palms and repeat the process thrice.

Give Warmth To Your Eyes

2. Blink Often

This is a good exercise to avoid dryness in eyes. Sit comfortably and blink your eyes rapidly 10 times. Relax for 20 seconds with your eyes closed. Maintain normal breathing. Repeat the same process 5 times.

Blink Often

3. Roll Your Eyes

Look upwards and start rolling your eyeballs 10 times in the clockwise manner and 10 times in an anticlockwise manner. Now close your eyes and repeat the above eyeball rolling step. This exercise relaxes eye muscles, strengthen the blood vessels and enhance the blood circulation in your eyes.

4. Improve Your Focus

Hold a pen and stretch your arm. Focus your vision on the pen. Gradually, draw the pen nearer and position it 6 inches away from your nose. Maintaining the same focus, again move the pen back to the same position. Repeat this process 10 times. You can do this exercise with your index finger pointed perpendicularly to your fist.

Another variation in focus improving exercise is also beneficial. Stretch your arm and focus on the index finger positioned as mentioned in the previous step. Keep your gaze fixed on it for few seconds. Next, shift your gaze to another distant object probably located 10 feet away from you and focus on it for a few seconds. Shift your focus again on your index finger. Carry on this exercise for a couple of minutes. This exercise reinforces the muscles around the eyes and improves the eyesight.

5. Massage The Temples

Massage your temples with your thumb knuckles 20 times in small circular motions in one direction and 20 times in reverse circular motions. This will improve the circulation in and around the muscles of your eyes easing out the fatigue fast.

6. Try Power Nap

This may not be that easy but you know that practice makes a man perfect. So try for short 5-7 minutes short naps in the midst of your working schedule. It will be good for your eyes.

7. Supply The Right Food To Your Eyes

Eyes make your world appear so colorful. Therefore, more color you add to your plate better it is for your eyes. As per research, yellow and green colored fruits and vegetables are more likely to improve your eyesight due to the presence of antioxidants.

Spinach is rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E and iron and zinc. Leutein and zeaxanthin, the two chemicals present in spinach help in maintaining a good vision. Carrot loaded with beta-carotene is another great food that takes care of eyes. Other foods beneficial for eyes are mango, papaya, watermelon, broccoli, avocado, berries, nuts, dry fruits, cold water fish, eggs etc.

8. Splash Your Eyes With Cold Water

Do this regularly at least 2-3 times day especially before going out and coming home after work. Cold water splash not only cleans your eyes but also leaves your eyes relaxed after a tiring day.

Splash Your Eyes With Cold Water

9. Give Your Eyes The Due Rest

Are you getting enough sleep? This is very important for your vision. Your eyes need minimum 8 hours of sleep to relax and repair. Insufficient sleep affects the vision. You will not feel comfortable enough while viewing anything properly.

Give Your Eyes The Due Rest

Give your eyes a 10-minute break after working in a computer for 60 minutes. Just keep your eyes closed. If possible, place some cucumber slices over the closed eyes to help them relax fully.