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6 Strategic And Optimum Ways To Utilize WP-CLI For Managing The WordPress Site!

With the wide-spread familiarity of the WordPress, which is more precisely considered as a content-development and management system with a sound GUI (Graphical User Interface), it has been enormously considered as quite a feasible and optimal option for developing websites at large. In a more elaborative way, we can say right from installing, upgrading and taking back-ups are done in the WordPress site from the Admin Panel in a significant manner after successfully logging-in with all your valid credentials. Another most commendable option is to use the command line prompt with the help of WP-CLI tool, which enables faster installs, updates or backups along with demolishing the need to log-in to the Admin panel to carry out these basic operations.

Under mentioned are the 6 strategic and optimum ways to Utilize WP-CLI tool for managing the WordPress site in a commendable manner. Let’s take a brief in-sight on them along with a precise description:

1. Installation Of WordPress Site Using CLI:

One of the potent utilization of WP-CLI core install command or tool is to install WordPress with a single command. Just open the command prompt window and write the following command precisely inputting the mandatory parameters like URL, site name, Admin User-name along with its corresponding password and admins e-mail id. The Syntax of the command is as enlisted below:

wp core install-url=”Site name-title=’Site Title”-admin_user=”login username”-admin_password=”login password”-admin_email=”admin email address”
then press the Enter key and once the system finishes-off configuring all the essential system files and associated data, a prompting message like this:” Success: WordPress Installed Successfully” will be displayed on the screen.

2. Upgrade WordPress Using CLI:

One of the prominent strategy that will significantly aids in managing the WordPress site is to keep it in upgrading mode after regular intervals. This will not only enhances the performance of your site but also commendably hikes the prospects of offering more security and fixing the patches, if any encountered in the script. You can do this quite easily with WP-CLI command by just typing in “WP Core Update” on the command line prompt, that will narrate you with a :”Success Message “, once the upgrade gets completed. Not only this, if you are intended to update the WP site to a particular version, just enlist its version number with the upgrade command and you are done, just like:
Wp core update-version=”Version number” and if however you wish to install its previous version, then type-in: wp core update-version=”version number”-force, on the command prompt.

Upgrade WordPress Using CLI

3. Installing Themes:

Having a sound theme for your site not only enhances its outlook but also a must-be priority factor for the site owner. The basic way is to install Theme via Control Panel but now, you can significantly make use command line interpreter for installing them. But for that you must be able to opt-in the best themes from the available varying themes, which you can recognize by writing the command: WP Theme List on the command prompt and this direct you the innumerable listing of themes, which you might have already installed on your system and which you are currently using. If you wish to alter the existing theme, just type the command WP Theme Search, suffixed by the appropriate and desired reserved word like Bright, fancy and many more, which will then display the long list of appropriate themes along with its listings. Opt for the one and then successfully install it by writing a command: WP Theme Install: “Name of the Theme”.

4. Installing Plug-ins:

Plug-ins are one of the most desired utility available in any site that tends to make your site more interactive and lively. Quite similar to themes options, plug-is are also easier to install via command line prompt. First and the foremost thing, you need to do is to have a look at the innumerable plug-ins available with your site, which can be verified by typing the command
WP Plugin Search Plugin Keyword”.

You can also validate the plugin’s slug, by writing the command:
WP plugin install “Plugin’s Slug” and just pat it activated by the command:
WP plugin Activate “Plugin Slug”

5. Managing Database Of WordPress Site Using CLI:

Along with the front-end options of your site, its backend and its management is quite optimal, which can also be done by the command line prompt in a quite commendable manner. For this, just write the command:

WP Db CLI and then simply get inside the MYSQL Prompt or interface. Once you enter this prompt, you can then significantly perform all the vital Database operation’s like create, alter, and drop and many more operations that can be successfully done by the Admin of the Database. If however you wish to exit from the database then simply write down the Query:
WP Db Query “SELECT User_login, ID FROM WP_Users and in a similar pretext, if you wish to optimize your database, just type in a query like: WP Db Optimize and hit the enter button to get your task done.

6. Managing Content Of The WordPress site Using CLI:

This strategy precisely aims at efficaciously managing, i.e. updating or editing the Posted content. Doing it by means of CLI is as easier as that of doing it by means of a sound GUI. More precisely, when you open a WordPress Account, you will significantly get a default displayed message or post set as- “Hello World”. To alter this post, what you are required to do is to search it optimally in your webpage by writing the command:

WP Post List and then hit the enter button. Consequently upon typing this command, you can edit by:
WP Post Edit 1” command typed on the command line interface (CLI) of the WordPress site and then update the content highly in accordance to your requirement. As far as, update of the Post Title is concerned, you can update or edit it significantly by writing the command:

WP Post Update 1-Post_Title “Content Of Your Choice”. Then hitting the save tab will ultimately make all the required and necessary update to your files and posted content at large.

So, this is all about the 6 most strategic and optimum ways to utilize WP- CLI, i.e. WordPress site command line interface for managing the WordPress site in an efficient manner. Do try out this way also for managing the WP site in a commendable and easier manner as well!